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Lots of good signs and a real great dog
Memories of non-significant times in my life, which effected my life after in no particular way
  1. I'm 5 years old. I wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep. I go downstairs to my reading nook and read two books. One is about a town full of pickle people and one is about a lion who discovers snow. I know I will be tired in the morning, but nap time is still a thing so I'm not concerned.
  2. I am 6. It is Halloween. My daycare center has a carnival with a clown. The clown meets all the kids in my age group and asks them how old they are and when they say "six" he says "oh no, you're sick?!" He does this every time, at least ten times. I am deeply disappointed. I have no respect for this clown.
  3. I'm seven years old. My mom buys me a pizza lunchable and we go to the laundromat. I eat the lunchable sitting on top of the washing machine. It has one of those dessert pizzas with the chocolate sauce and m&ms. This is the best thing that has ever happened.
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The ones I could read the titles of on screen. Read for telekinetic powers (not guaranteed)
  1. "Every magazine in the house"
    Girl is up on celebrity gossip
  2. The yellow pages
    To find the address of the library
  3. The Pickwick Papers - Charles Dickens
    At age 4. Very precocious.
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  1. Recently I have been listening to a lot of podcasts
  2. Podcasts while I shower, podcasts while I cook, podcasts while I commute to work, podcasts while I get ready in the morning
  3. And I was listening to one recently about cults and the hosts were talking about how a lot of cult compounds play things over loudspeakers constantly.
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  1. Safe space to grow and create and explore
  2. To keep becoming new versions of myself
  3. To keep finding new people to love
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I work at a bakery because I thought it would be fun but it turns out I was wrong.
  1. When we had just closed the store and my boss found a corporate order we forgot about and told us we needed to gift wrap 65 tiny cakes.
  2. When I told them I have a class on Wednesday night so I can't close on Wednesdays and then they scheduled me to close every Wednesday night for the next three weeks.
  3. When my boss said "there used to be this great pizza place downtown but they closed it after ONE hepatitis scare. People are so judgmental. Now I go to a new place, but I think it has rats." He had brought us pizza the day before.
  4. Service work is shitty. Don't do it. That's the lesson here.
I had to think pretty hard
  1. Got a kickass therapist
  2. Got my first paid acting job
  3. Got a contract to edit some stuff for a decent wage
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  1. Tell everyone who speaks to me that I am on my period
  2. Sigh loudly once every 30 minutes
  3. Lose my heating pad, go to target to buy new one
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