My Most Awkward Memories From Teenagehood

From least painful to most painful.
  1. Buying tampons in junior year, saw my cute lab partner.
    His name was Paolo. He was from Brazil and he was a senior and I had an enormous crush on him and when when he saw what I was buying he blushed and went to a different line. In retrospect, #rude
  2. Tripped and fell on face in front of a gym full of people.
    I fell all the way down the bleachers. Everyone went instantly silent and no one helped me.
  3. Boy thoughtfully told me my ankle was bleeding
    It was lunchtime and I was sitting in the quad. I was in a skirt and had been sitting (daintily, I thought) on my ankles. Perhaps you see where this is going. He thought that I had scraped my ankle on something. I had not. It was my first period. I bled on my ankles. It was gross. My mom offered to take me home but I had a social studies test I didn't want to miss so I changed and stayed at school.