From least painful to most painful.
  1. Buying tampons in junior year, saw my cute lab partner.
    His name was Paolo. He was from Brazil and he was a senior and I had an enormous crush on him and when when he saw what I was buying he blushed and went to a different line. In retrospect, #rude
  2. Tripped and fell on face in front of a gym full of people.
    I fell all the way down the bleachers. Everyone went instantly silent and no one helped me.
  3. Boy thoughtfully told me my ankle was bleeding
    It was lunchtime and I was sitting in the quad. I was in a skirt and had been sitting (daintily, I thought) on my ankles. Perhaps you see where this is going. He thought that I had scraped my ankle on something. I had not. It was my first period. I bled on my ankles. It was gross. My mom offered to take me home but I had a social studies test I didn't want to miss so I changed and stayed at school.