1. Recently I have been listening to a lot of podcasts
  2. Podcasts while I shower, podcasts while I cook, podcasts while I commute to work, podcasts while I get ready in the morning
  3. And I was listening to one recently about cults and the hosts were talking about how a lot of cult compounds play things over loudspeakers constantly.
  4. When there's constantly noise, people have less space to think critically or create
  5. It occurred to me that I have systematically eliminated silence from my day
  6. And I'm not even consuming actively! Sometimes I finish a podcast and can't even remember what it was about.
  7. And maybe this is linked to me not feeling very creative.
  8. I tend to get my ideas in spaces of quiet - in the shower, driving, anytime my brain has time to itself to play around and not listen to things
  9. I know when I consume less, I make more. So my New Years resolution is just: consume less.
  10. I know this is not a thing for everyone, but consuming less makes me happier and more creative and less anxious. So that's my goal for the year.
  11. Happy New Years everyone.