Things That Are So Cozy to Me

Inspired by @lenadunham
  1. Reading Northanger Abbey
    It is my very favorite book in the world and I have read it a million billion times and never get tired of it. The most underrated Austen novel I think. Best read while wrapped burrito style in a blanket.
  2. Someone playing with my hair
    Makes me feel very very safe and protected. The someone however must be a close friend. Otherwise it will make me feel weird and awkward. That has happened before and it is no good.
  3. Sharing my bed with my best friend
    She lives in LA and I live in San Diego and sometimes she comes down to visit and we share my tiny bed and stay up late catching up with each other's lives and generally cultivating slumber party atmosphere.
  4. The smell of our Christmas decorations when we take them out of their big plastic bins which we store in the garage
    They smell like pine needles and cinnamon and dust and a little bit like garage smell. This is evocative of past Christmases and this is the time of year when my mother, who I love more than anyone probably, is most wistful and happy.