Things Women Are Sick of Dealing With

These are just some quick things that bother me and other women.
  1. Men telling us to smile more.
  2. Men telling us that we're bad drivers because of our gender
  3. Men catcalling as we try to walk anywhere
  4. People calling us whores when we like sex but when men sleep around too they get a high five
  5. Old white men in suits trying to decide what to do about our bodies without asking us.
  6. Men never putting the seat down.
  7. Men being surprised when they see us without make up or telling us that we wear too little or too much makeup.
  8. Men asking women if the reason they are angry is because they got their period
  9. Men telling women what rape is
  10. Men telling women what is and isn't classy or slutty
  11. Men getting upset when women want to be friends
  12. Men abusing/molesting/raping women and the law not protecting us from it.