What's going on? This!
  1. I have streptococcus in my blood, which is dangerous AF.
    My mom helpfully told me that strep in the blood from pneumonia is what killed Jim Henson!
  2. I almost didn't come in but I had a terrible feeling that I was sicker than anyone thought, including my doctor.
    Trust yo' gut and your best friends who are doctors.
  3. I have had the hottest nurses and I haven't asked them to give me a sponge bath
    Look at me, not being a creep!
  4. The infectious disease doctors let me know that I could be here for 7-10 days, or up to 4 weeks if the virus has gone to my heart.
    I had a bit of a fit, by which I mean I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes and told them I have Hamilton tickets, so no.
  5. I've accidentally ripped out my IV twice by using it as a rope so I wouldn't have to get up.
    Laziness game ✔️
  6. I haven't asked for IV pain meds.
    This is a big deal for me. I am usually an addict in here. I never remember my stays and the days after, of coming down, are truly hellish.
  7. I really miss my nieces.
  8. I haven't escaped the floor to buy magazines and candy yet
    I'm growing up.
  9. I really want to live.
  10. I really want to take better care of myself.
  11. I want to go home.
    But I'm okay being here until I get better. I don't want to fuck this up.
  12. I really want to live, I really do.
  13. There is so much left to do and see and teach and learn.
  14. And I plan to do it all.
    Typing my grad school essays as soon as they move my IV hand. Can't stop/won't stop.
  15. Thanks for all the love.
    You're all stars to me!