Sadie's agender imaginary friend is creatively named Baby
  1. So Baby is in the hospital and it's very traumatic
  2. I asked what happened and got the following terrifying answer:
  3. "Baby and I were apple-picking and she jumped up and down and smacked his head and there was blood so her mom took her to him hospital."
  4. But things are looking up because today at preschool, Sadie made Baby a valentine.
    She also made me one but I feel like Baby's was better.
  5. Later, she said Baby was getting a checkup and was gonna be all better.
  6. "But she has to rest like you, Auntie, or she will get sick again."
  7. Yelling: "We HAVE TO REST when we're sick!"
  8. Yo, three year olds are crazy.