I love myself sometimes!
  1. Warrior
    Think you can kill me, cancer/lupus/type 1 diabetes/CMC? Yes, you definitely can but you haven't yet! I'm the Braveheart of diseases, bitch. Not dead yet!
  2. Overly involved aunt
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    I'm the best at this.
  3. Reader
    It's how I understand the world, and it's what makes me a writer.
  4. Traveling Nomad
    Being a gypsy has led me to temporarily live in a lot of amazing places and on a lot of bad couches. Favorite spots include Friday Harbor, WA, Park Slope, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles, California.
  5. Feminist
    Big fan of the sisterhood, LGBT rights, liberal politics, intersectional feminism, queer theory, supporting other women. Let's give it up for equal rights, man.
  6. Shit, was this supposed to be five words?