We have snow, I have pneumonia, I took pictures. This is my list.
  1. True life: it's beautiful.
    This is the beginning.
  2. I woke up feverish but excited because I'm a child.
  3. I couldn't do my usual trek to the beach so I stayed on my street instead.
  4. This is my parents' house. I live here in between flares of illness.
    It sucks sometimes. It is necessary for now.
  5. One day my dad and brother strung lights on this tree for me.
    The building on the right is a carriage house with an apartment. I am moving back in there soon.
  6. Sometimes I am grumpy about being back at home and not in California or even New York, but I know I'm lucky.
    It is going to be okay.
  7. There's almost 26 inches now!
  8. Stay safe, everyone.