stuff I'm sad about, in no order of importance
  1. 9/11/01
    still. watched my 15yo friends give their fathers eulogies. talked a five year old down from a tree so he'd go inside to his father's funeral. funeral on what would have been Beth's 26th birthday. that fall, in Middletown, the sadness and confusion. how could I forget something my friends are still living?
  2. Fun Home closing
    hey, I'm gay, here's a musical about it. this show & book will always be it for me. thanks for everything.
  3. having skin cancer
    it's not even the bad kind. but I already had cancer. I don't feel like having it again. plus like, I'm always almost dying. tired of it.
  4. cancer again
    fuck off, cancer killing people my people love.
  5. the Giants not kicking ass the way they should be
    be ELIte ya clowns
  6. Not being big spoon to taller little spoon for like 2 weeks because sick
    my romance game is SO off these past couple weeks, help.
    love y'all