1. I moved to California
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  2. I got into a prestigious graduate school
  3. I became a part of a family in Los Angeles
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  4. I survived a horrendous ICU stint
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    This forced me to abandon life in CA and graduate school, for now, but I fought my way back to life.
  5. I spent two months paralyzed and weak, but I ultimately prevailed, after hardcore therapy.
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  6. I repeat: I relearned how to walk.
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  7. I came out. Again. But this time was different. And it was hard and it still is, but now I am living in a way I could not before.
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  8. I traveled all over Europe and Asia, something that seemed impossible back in July.
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  9. I helped my sister adjust to two children.
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  10. I survived. Fuck. That's enough.
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