The one always on Hulu
  1. The kid and her dad are making a volcano for a science fair.
  2. It sucks so the dad obviously and rationally goes to Best Buy to fix the situation. The blue-shirted saleslady is like "oh, lemme sell you this two thousand dollar TV to fix your daughter's shitty handiwork!"
  3. And the dad is like YUP OKAY REASONABLE
  4. And then the dumb kid has the TV at the science fair which seriously cannot be allowed
  5. Like where did she even plug it in
  6. There's not a ton of outlet space in school gymnasiums!
  7. And then BOTH parents attend the stupid science fair?
  8. How are they affording this TV and not working enough to miss the fair?
  9. It is unrealistic and reeks of privilege and anyway I just hate it.