I really only speak for myself. 👌🏻
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    When celebrities get diagnosed with one of your ailments, you become excited
    I'm sorry they have it; I'm excited for the fundraising and awareness. Kisses Selena Gomez & Nick Jonas!
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    The camaraderie you have with other patients, especially people under 40
    Some of the best weeks of my life have been spent at First Descents, outdoor adventure camps for young adults who've had cancer. Cancer Camp friends just GET it.
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    Age doesn't mean anything once you've dealt with life-threatening disease
    Chronological age 29, Real Age™ a young 55
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    How annoying it is when your peers complain about aging
    Age is a luxury for those trying to survive their twenties. Cherish them wrinkles, friends.
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    How your Christmas list basically resembles your grandparents
    I'll take all the heated blankets and massage chairs, thanks.
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    How important the "good" days are
    Chronic pain, surgeries, and treatments will suck the fun out of life. But when I'm well enough to do stuff, I do the shit out of it. Turkey, what's up. Iceland, what's up. Thailand, what's up (in November 2016.)
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    The power of Netflix
    I'd be so bored without you, babe.
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    Illness and struggle reveal who your true friends are
    💁🏼 Bye to all the BFFs who couldn't hack it.
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    Life is short, so YOLO the fuck out of it
    Pre-YOLO, I'd shout "one life!" every time I did something stupid. I'm older and a tiny bit wiser now, so I've eliminated binge drinking and yelling this before I made out with an ex.