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keepin it v minimal this year thank goodness
  1. ☑️ Mom & Dad
    Tübingen mug for mom, tshirt for dad. if the tshirt's too small for him they can swap. ((€30 shipping from germany was insane but the merch was cheap so it was worth it)) oh also a UMass car decal for mom bc she needed a new one
  2. ☑️ Luke
    Star Wars ~adult coloring book~ yknow the kind that's supposed to be relaxing and good for stress and whatnot. give him a break from staring at a screen all day.
  3. Tyler
    Wild by Cheryl Strayed - i'm either gonna buy a copy or possibly give him my own copy
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mostly i want to travel a whole lot and then i want to settle down in a place i love.
  1. grow my own sunflowers
  2. see all the artists on my music bucket list
  3. live in germany (not my whole life, but at least a few years)
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unfinished // not really a universal list. mostly things specific to me and my life. 'cause it's for me.
  1. to see my hair grow long again, and the swish of a long pony tail
  2. more tattoos
  3. pineapple on pizza is delicious and I wanna eat as much of it as possible
5 more...
  1. I'll get to speak german every day
    I like my german voice. I like my german personality. hard to explain but you know what I mean???
  2. my apartment will be way nicer than a sylvan single
  3. Brötchen / german bread 😍
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(in no particular order)
  1. ☑️Ingrid Michaelson
    (3 times so far and still counting)
  2. ☑️Chris Ayer
  3. Kate Nash
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I don't pay money for apps but sometimes I get 'em for free from starbucks.
  1. 1010
    great mindless distraction for when I feel overwhelmed. it requires very little thought or focus and helps me quiet my mind and/or get my focus back.
  2. Clue
    best period tracker app there is. simple design & neutral colors, no adds.
  3. Memrise
    my favorite language learning app! it's just for vocabulary, but it's by far the best I've used (and I've tried quite a few). you can make your own course/set, or use one that someone else has already made (there are tons & many correspond to textbook chapters!)
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  1. ordering food in english is hard
  2. why is there so much water in the toilet bowl
  3. there are too many sheets on my bed
hint: it's really all of them.
  1. German !!!
    I mean I've already learned it. but fluency's the goal now.
  2. Turkish
  3. Spanish
    never gonna happen but I can dream
4 more...
(there are a lot. this list is incomplete.)
  1. making my first post on a new social media account
    so much pressure ???
  2. ranking things in order and/or having to choose my "favorite" of anything
  3. going somewhere for the first time
    like somebody's house, or any building/room i've never seen the inside of before
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