keepin it v minimal this year thank goodness
  1. ☑️ Mom & Dad
    Tübingen mug for mom, tshirt for dad. if the tshirt's too small for him they can swap. ((€30 shipping from germany was insane but the merch was cheap so it was worth it)) oh also a UMass car decal for mom bc she needed a new one
  2. ☑️ Luke
    Star Wars ~adult coloring book~ yknow the kind that's supposed to be relaxing and good for stress and whatnot. give him a break from staring at a screen all day.
  3. Tyler
    Wild by Cheryl Strayed - i'm either gonna buy a copy or possibly give him my own copy
  4. extended family swap
    theme is "homemade/handmade" so I'm buying an embroidery hoop from Val's etsy but idk which one yet
  5. that's it sorry nobody else is getting gifts unless I happen upon something perfect