Suggest away
  1. Leaving in the middle of a hang/dinner
    Getting places is a hassle. Let's see some commitment to the hang sir. Don't just walk out when you get a good idea or some shit
  2. Having a tight 5 person crew that goes to the same bar/cafe every day!
    "Regulars" at places are actually low key psychopaths, and everybody knows this. Who sits at the same diner every day, ew. But when your squad only has one set where you go over your "lesson of the day", these sorts of things are inevitable!
  3. Tents being hard to assemble
    This is very specific and random, but I keep noticing it! Why is this such a reoccurring trope. This isn't a thing. Tent assembly is extremely intuitive and all have the same shape ya dummies!
  4. Dating thirteen guys in one month
    Girl how you meeting these men?
  5. Impulsive flying
    Flights are so expensive. I would never decide day of to fly to Paris to meet my lover. Fuck it he can marry that other broad, I'll find another, it's FINE.
  6. Thick ass vomit
    Why is throwing up considered a staple in humour. Also why does it have the consistency of pea soup
  7. Doing all social activities with your coworkers!
    Whoa. These colleagues sure are tight. Some of them even eventually live together! It's always nice to have that cohesive and inseparable bond with your random ass coworkers who you correspond with solely through email 😊
  8. The largest 'newborn' baby you will ever see
    SAG rules, we get it. But also ahhhhhhh ur poor vagina
  9. Everyone has big and nicely decorated apartments, even though they are ALWAYS complaining of being broke or unemployed
    Suggested by   @daniela
  10. No one ever says goodbye on the phone
    Uh, rude much?
    Suggested by   @breeannie
  11. One friend's entire existence is basically just meant to set up another's punchlines
    Imagine how they interact with their other friends or family, communicating entirely in segues and set ups that go nowhere
    Suggested by   @facebook
  12. Lack of real life struggles. 😎
    Suggested by   @mignac
  13. That perfect "I just woke up" makeup after your (apparently hilarious) one night stand.
    Girl, tell me where you got your primer because DAMN.
    Suggested by   @egkeller
  14. Siblings hanging out in the same friendship group
    Monica and Ross in Friends, Deandra and Dennis in Its Always Sunny. Why don't they have their own friends?!
    Suggested by   @alexim
  15. In a parallel universe, someone always laughs at ever joke you make even when you're not trying to be funny
    If you knew about this matrix you would most likely feel better about yourself
    Suggested by   @amber
  16. People being total jerks to police that are investigating a murder.
    Suggested by   @emilyplum
  17. Income:house space ratio
    Sitcom characters have enormous houses considering how many working hours they spend getting into adventures with their friends.
    Suggested by   @jenkins
  18. Styled hair everyday and if it's in a bun, you know there's gonna be braids or some shit
    Suggested by   @josie
  19. The Art-Directed Grocery Store Haul
    =one perfectly rectangular brown paper bag with a whole baguette and some leafy carrot greens peeking out the top. What else is in there? Probably an old-school glass bottle of milk, and maybe a wheel of cheese.
    Suggested by   @alligeeshow
  20. "His plane leaves in an hour!!!" ...somehow makes it to the gate after the standard rushing to airport montage.
    I regularly arrive at airports two hours early and there have been times when I've still had to rush to the gate. Looking at you Mr. "Are you sure this is under 100mLs?"
    Suggested by   @estherlimtf
  21. Your friends are always willing to take part in a bit you started
    The lack of explaining the joke to non-comedy friends is just soooo unrealistic
    Suggested by   @omgitsemilyward
  22. Group lunch/diner/coffee where everybody is sitting in the same side of the table
    Suggested by   @Lisa_Fav
  23. Saying one remark in a conversation while leaving dinner and the person with you responds when you reach your apartment
    What did you do during that commute? Just press pause on that conversation? "Walking is really tough. Sitting on the subway/in the car is even worse. We just can't sustain a conversation during that. It's best to pause until we reach our destination."
    Suggested by   @annalara
  24. Nobody has families they're obligated to spend holidays or birthdays with
    Thanksgiving with your friends this year? Again?
    Suggested by   @HilaryKissinger
  25. Hearing a dial tone when you get hung up on!
    Suggested by   @abbinka
  26. Incredible amount of windowless rooms
    If there are Windows, doors, or balconies the amount of sunlight that shines through them is one of two amounts, day and night
    Suggested by   @kate81