As with the beer-only diary, I am going to start numbering these. Two cheeses, one beer tonight!
  1. Lift Bridge Silhouette Imperial Stout (2016)
    Roasty, toasty, chocolate, with a little back-of-the-mouth tang which the label calls out as a prune aspect. So rich and good! (This glass is probably meant for LB Commander, but it's what I have that's branded and not a shaker pint!)
  2. Roelli Farms Dunbarton Blue, cheddar-blue hybrid (Wisconsin), yellower, on the right
    I'm coming around to blue cheese, and this is my gateway. Great medium-sharp cheddar flavor with mellow injections of blue. Such complimentary flavors. In fact, this cheese was my gateway to fancy cheeses in general. I can't rave about it too enthusiastically!
  3. Dunbarton Blue + Silhouette
    The flavor of the beer overwhelms the cheese's, and makes the cheese seem salty. Not an offensive pairing, but why mask this awesome cheese!
  4. The Drunken Goat, goat cheese cured in red wine (Murcia region, Spain), white, on the left
    Medium firm, medium goat. Very smooth and springy. Mild flavor. Very pleasant. Would go well with gentle crackers, of which I have none.
  5. Drunken Goat + Silhouette
    The beer makes the cheese taste even more neutral. The cheese tries to bring out some smokiness in the beer, even though that's not an aspect present in Silhouette.