It was the series finale of Downton Abbey, so I treated myself while I was watching!
  1. Peña Gorda, goat's milk cheese, Spain
    Corrugated beige rind. White cheese with small cracks in the cheese. Smells mildly earthy and barnyardy. Firm, mealy texture. Flavor is sweet and mild, a bit musty, and fairly salty. // I did a little research and now that I know it's goat's milk, it all makes more sense. I am a fancy cheese novice.
  2. Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, imperial stout
    Smells boozy and dark. Tastes the same, with a hint of smokiness. Roasty and rich.
  3. Together
    Neither seems to change the other too much at first impression. The beer definitely has a stronger flavor than the cheese. // Now that I'm out of cheese and on the second Ten Fidy, I realize that the cheese prolonged the smoky flavor of the beer. // The blurb I read about the cheese recommended pairing it with a pale beer. Hahaha!