I'm powering through the final three episodes of House of Cards (US) season 4.
  1. Eastlake Brewery Nicollet Mauler Black IPA
    Strong aroma of roast, caramel, and anise. Taste is much the same initially, but then a pronounced piney bitterness takes over and overwhelms. Then, in the aftertaste, the bitterness stays at the top of your mouth and the sweeter elements reemerge on your tongue.
  2. 2-year sharp cheddar
    Smells like grassy, medium-sharp cheese. Creamy, firm, nice cheddar. Earthy bitterness in the middle, mild sharpness on the edges. Unfortunately, I don't remember what dairy this is from, but it's one of Seward Co-op's regulars.
  3. Together
    Beer description said to pair it with an 8-year cheddar. Well, 2-year is what I had on hand. Cheese negates about have of the beer's bitterness and allows the chocolate malt aspect to come through, thought the aftertaste bitterness remains. The beer's bitterness makes the cheese taste milder and more buttery. Decent pairing. Would love to try it with the 8-year cheddar, but that will be for another time.