It was a night of chocolate pine cones.
  1. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (2015, draught)
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    I've loved this beer for so long, I forget to find words to describe it. Tonight, I still am not successful in that arena.
  2. Founders Dark Penance, imperial black IPA (2015, draught)
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    Like a chocolate pine cone. Really! It's noticeably fudgier than this style typically is. I like it!
  3. Rush River Nevermore, chocolate oatmeal stout (draught)
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    Purports to be a chocolate oatmeal stout, but is pretty hoppy for the style, and might qualify as another chocolate pine cone. Good!, but weird.
  4. Rush River Scenic, American pale ale (draught)
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    If grapefruit were a stone fruit, it would taste like this. A stone fruit in the grass. With just a slight hint of bubblegum, interestingly enough. Interesting.