More beers in more places.
  1. Deschutes The Abyss (2015), imperial stout
    Solidly fudgy, with roast bitterness to balance. Perhaps some cherry notes as well.
  2. Eastlake Shoot from the Hip, Belgian-style IPA (draught)
    Thick, stone-fruity, Belgian-style flavor. // There is no photo for this beer because, due to an event, it was served in a red plastic cup (though not Solo, at least) and I just couldn't bring myself to photograph that travesty.
  3. Hopped Up (Level 23)
    Untappd badge. 115 different beers with IBU >65.
  4. Stone and Sierra Nevada NxS, imperial IPA
    B&T, beer and tonic! The hoppiness that you would expect from either brewery, then with the gin resiny dryness.
  5. Central Waters Brewer's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout (2015)
    C&B, chocolate and bourbon! Everything about this is delicious.