A collection from two bars and two taprooms.
  1. Odell Wolf Picker, pale ale
    Gently grassy. Good! I could drink a bunch of these :)
  2. Fulton The Expat, rye saison
    No longer the orange bomb it was on release a month ago, but still significantly orangeyer than I remember last year's being. Cloves. Rye. Still delicious.
  3. Fulton Lodestar, rye juniper ale
    This one has more of a lager character to it, to me. It's a little bit sweet, slightly bready. But the rye gives it underlying dryness. I think I pick up the juniper in the after-vapors in my mouth. Good!
  4. Indeed Derailed Series: Lucy, kettle-soured ale
    Ooh tart. When it starts to warm up I get a little saltiness. Is this a gose?
  5. Indeed Wooden Soul #1, saison aged in white wine barrels with brett
    Smells a bit musty. Taste has the influence of the white wine barrels. A bit sour, a bit funky but not too much.
  6. Summit Sága IPA
    I'm trying to think of a local beer I like better and I can't. Bright, non-bitter grapefruit flavor with a touch of floral character. This beer is so good!
  7. Summit EPA, extra pale ale
    Citrus brightness with good malt balance.