1. Surly Furious Black, black IPA (draught)
    Well, isn't this a treat! A mellower Furious w/some nice roasty caramel in the middle of the flavor.
  2. St Bernardus Prior 8, Belgian dubbel (draught)
    Tastes like cherry perfume, tho it's neither too sweet nor too perfumy & actually finishes w/a nice dryness. Just a hint of underlying funk.
  3. Bell's Hopslam, imperial IPA, 2016 (draught)
    After one glass, I'm undecided about this, thus far. Not as much honey in the flavor, to me, as some previous years. A little earthy-grassy in the nose. Sweet citrus/stonefruit to taste, somewhat syrupy, again, to me, from the high ABV.
  4. Hopped Up, Level 21
    Untappd badge!
  5. Alesmith Hawaiian Speedway Stout, American imperial stout, 2015 (draught)
    Smells like sweet coffee. Tastes like sweet coffee too! Coconut is very subtle, & there are some hints, I think, of cherry? // Update: I'm going to call it toasted vanilla rather than toasted coconut. In the end, I can't quite name the extra flavors I taste.