Firkin Friday
  1. Fulton Worthy Adversary ,Russian Imperial Stout, with coffee, vanilla, cocoa nibs (firkin)
    Not as heavy on the coffee as their War and Peace (WA base, made with local Peace Coffee). Extra richness from the nibs, vanilla on my breath from the aftertaste. I'm in my happy place!
  2. Fulton Messipi, Dirty, Amber saison (draught)
    A gentle amount of funkiness from the Brettanomyces, and pleasantly oaky and fruity from the red wine barrels this was aged in. A collaboration between Fulton Beer and NOLA Brewing celebrating the Mississippi River. (A "clean" version was also made, that steered clear of the barrels and Brett, oh my!)
  3. Oaky (feline)
    The name, also, of one #beercat of the three of mine.
  4. Surly Abrasive double IPA (draught)
    A blast of grapefruit! Just like the actual grapefruit I enjoyed this morning for a snack.
  5. Ballast Point Sculpin (draught)
    Regular, not grapefruit. It must be the previous Abrasive that makes this Sculpin, regular though it is, seem not too grapefruity or citrusy. Bright and fresh, definitely.