I'm going to start numbering these for the heck of it. I didn't look, but I think 39 is about where I'm at on The List. "'39" is also the name of a Queen song that I like.
  1. Bell's Deb's Red Ale (Firkin Friday!)
    Nice buttery caramel flavor (but not sweet like Werther's) with perfect neutral hop bitterness to balance. Very nice. They should send it out of the taproom more often!
  2. Paint the Town Red (level 2)
    Untappd badge. 10 different red ales. I like red ale better than amber ale.
  3. Bell's Oberon (2016), pale wheat ale
    Lemon citrus flavor with hop dryness. When I stick my nose in the glass, it smells like vanilla banana bread. Tasty as usual!
  4. Bell's Oberon (2016)
    Untappd badge. Another season of summery deliciousness!
  5. Steel Toe Size 4, session IPA
    Full grassy hop flavor in a 4% delicious beer. Perfect for when you don't want a double IPA :)
  6. Bauhaus Über Düber (2016), sparkling Australian ale
    A little sweet, perhaps from the ABV? But some nice hop flavor.
  7. Tallgrass Songbird Saison
    You'll be seeing this one a lot in my Beer Diary! Light and delicate. A little bit sweet and banana-y with the slightest hint of tartness. Full flavor for <5% ABV
  8. Founders Porter
    Smoky-fudgy-roasty. Rich and delicious.