Gosh, volume 40 filled up quickly...
  1. Pryes Miraculum, American/Minnesota IPA
    The only beer that this 2012-founded brewery makes and it's a good one! Strong caramel balance from the first taste, and sweet citrus hoppiness. I hope someday they will make a second beer.
  2. New Belgium Citradelic IPA
    More gentle than I was expecting; I guess maybe I had Lips of Faith in my head, which can this isn't. Definite tangerine flavor but in a very mellow way. Not too hoppy. You will enjoy this in warm weather!
  3. NC Beer Month (2016)
    Untappd badge. Celebrating North Carolina, even though the original Nee Belgium brewery is in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  4. Ballast Point Victory at Sea (original), robust imperial porter
    The vanilla! The coffee! I sat and smelled this for a good 2 minutes before I even sipped it. So good!
  5. Bauhaus Wagon Party, west coast lager
    Can calls it West Coast Lager, Untappd says India Pale Lager. Definitely in the India Pale direction. Plenty dry and hoppy for a "lager," really close to Pale Ale.
  6. Bauhaus Sky-Five, American IPA
    Lots of caramel malt flavor in this one, with juicy hop semi-bitterness.
  7. Summit Great Northern Porter
    Smoky, roasty, peaty! Unmistakably Summit.
  8. Destihl Weissenheimer Hefeweizen
    Apricotty and slightly musty. I really like Destihl beers!
  9. Hammerheart Laurentian Porter, smoked ale
    Smoky peat roastiness! The smoke is there but not at all overpowering. Hammerheart is another brewery whose beers I am always, for no good reason because why should I be, surprised by how much I like them.