Some craft beer, and some macro beer. All tasty!
  1. Fulton Standard, Amber lager
    Hot off the press! Made with Kölsch yeast, she said. Nice Kölsch dryness, lively body, citrus rind bitterness, bright flavor. This will be good on hot days!
  2. Fulton Sweet Child of Vine, English IPA
    "English-style IPA" but only because American-made IPAs have gotten so extreme. This is plenty hoppy, with bright orangy-caramel notes.
  3. Pacifico Clara, North American adjunct lager
    This seems to have become my traditional Cinco de Mayo beer. Bright and not too lagery, actually. Dry and crisp.
  4. Cinco de Mayo (2016)
    Untappd badge.
  5. Stella Artois, European lager
    Lively, light, crisp, dry. Just a hint of breadiness & perhaps mildly lemony. It might be macro but I like it. I know, that sounds snobbish.