Flights really are a wonderful thing! Tonight at the Happy Gnome.
  1. Tin Whiskers Barrel Shifter, Porter aged in oak (draught)
    Slight hint of smokiness on first taste. Medium hint of cherry after the chill comes off. Nice full flavor.
  2. Fargo Iron Horse Pale Ale (draught)
    Sometimes I get grapefruit and resin mixed up. Smooth flavor but fizzy body. There's some underlying caramel malt.
  3. Lift Bridge Batch 1300, double IPA (draught)
    Sometimes I get grapefruit and pine mixed up, but l think this is both. More grapefruit in the nose, more pine in the flavor. Refreshing!
  4. Lupine Three Bandits Coffee Porter (draught)
    Coffee coffee coffee! Dark and roasty, just how I like it! Some vanilla vapors in my mouth afterwards. And then some coffee bitterness in the back of my throat.
  5. Odell IPA (draught)
    Interesting. After the strongly coffee Porter above which I had immediately preceding, I'm getting just a hint of floral in the taste, which is actually pretty grapefruity.