Strap yourself in, we have some catching up to do!
  1. Finnegan's Dead Irish Poet, Irish dry stout
    Hint of smokiness on first taste. Then peaty, brown maltiness with a bit of underlying tanginess.
  2. Insight Brewing Phantom Taxi, imperial IPA
    Stone fruit/tropical aroma and flavor. Overlying bitterness. Kind of mild flavor for 9%.
  3. Eastlake Brewery Nicollet Mauler Black IPA (bottle)
    Eastlake Brewery Nicollet Mauler Black IPA (bottle) Strong aroma of roast, caramel, and anise. Taste is much the same initially, but then a pronounced piney bitterness takes over and overwhelms. Then, in the aftertaste, the bitterness stays at the top of your mouth and the sweeter elements reemerge on your tongue.
  4. Boulevard Tank 7, farmhouse ale (draught)
    Bubblegum overtones. Somewhat sour undertones. Light body but full flavor. Sort of upper and lower with the flavors. Well, that makes sense to me.
  5. Odell Myrcenary, double IPA (draught)
    Haven't had this for a long time and tasted it after the Tank 7 above and after I had tucked into my steak and blue cheese salad. Whoa! An explosion of tropical and citrus! Much fruitier (than I remember) and hard to put down (as usual).
  6. Fulton The Expat, rye saison (bottle)
    First time from a bottle this season. Not nearly as giant in aroma or flavor as on draught at the taproom, where (early after its release) is is an explosion of orange and cloves. Bottle version is more subdued in both aspects and tastes more like I remember from last summer, which is saisony (as one would hope from a saison) with some nice dryness from the rye, all in a stonefruit-orange kind of way. I still adore it! Also, paired very well with this peña gorda cheese!
  7. Tallgrass Songbird Saison (can)
    Delicate and delicious! 4.8% and full of flavor. Kind of sweet lemony but with a little wheaty biscuitiness weaving its way in and out. Medium body but so light. This will be making frequent appearances in my fridge this summer!