Since this is #51, I tried to find some beer made by aliens. I was unsuccessful.
  1. Able Seedhouse + Brewery Propers Pub Ale, English bitter
    By George, I think my British friends would be pleased with this. Roasted caramel malty flavor with dryness (but not bitterness) from hops. Plenty of flavor from that low ABV. More carbonation than there'd be in the old country, but great flavor.
  2. Victory Kirsch Gose
    Smells a little musty. A little bit of cherry up front, then the expected salt and tart.
  3. American Craft Beer Week (2016)
    Untappd badge.
  4. Founders KBS, 2016, Kentucky bourbon barrel aged imperial stout
    Boozy! Because of the bourbon barrels, not the ABV :) Smooth, chocolate, roasty, vanilla. Yum!
  5. Sky's the Limit (Level 33)
    Untappd badge. 160 unique check-ins of ABV 10% or more.
  6. Founders Project PAM
    Def a lot of sweetness & vanilla from the CBS/maple barrels. The Cascadian dark tries to come through, but the sweetness is dominates.
  7. Surly Pils #3 Saphir
    Kind of like a yellow IPA. There's just a hint, a faint hint, of sweet lemon breadiness underneath. Plenty of hop dryness & bitterness. Good flavor for low ABV.
  8. Surly Barrel-Aged Darkness, 2015, imperial stout
    Vanilla, boozy from the barrel, fudgy. I suspect it has benficially mellowed by age.