You know what's great about beer? There are so many different styles and flavors!
  1. Stone Enjoy By 5.30.16 Tangerine, double IPA
    I think the tangerine mellows the hops somewhat, though it's not overtly tangerine. A touch of underlying grassy earthiness.
  2. Hopped Up (Level 25)
    Untappd badge. 125 different beers with IBU over 65.
  3. Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro
    Roasted malty. Smooth and delicious. Wisp of vanilla in the aftertaste.
  4. Deschutes The Abyss (2014), imperial stout
    Now def boozy and woody from the barrel. For me right now, the wood flavor is most prominent. Maybe a little vanilla underneath.
  5. Sierra Nevada Chocolate Chili Stout, American imperial stout
    Rich flavor--not quite fudgy or choc, exactly, but rich darkness. Chili influence comes in gentle overtones of tang not heat.
  6. Bemidji Flanders Sour Red (2014)
    A little bit sour, a little bit funky, but very gentle. Some less sourness in the aftertaste. I like it!
  7. Pucker Up! (Level 16)
    Untappd badge. 80 different sour beers.
  8. Schell's Hefeweizen
    This bottle is 8 months old and tastes great! Black pepper, lemon, and banana, with a faint tartness on the back end.