Some medium-hoppy beers that I enjoyed.
  1. Surly MSP Pale Ale
    Ah, I remember when something tasting like this would have been a nice IPA! Citrus, not bitter, some unobtrusive sunny caramel underneath.
  2. Odell Loose Leaf, India session ale
    A little bit hoppy, a little bit fruity and floral. Everything an IPA fan would want in a summer beer!
  3. Thunderhead Leatherhead Red, mid-American red ale
    Smells a little tropical, tastes tropical with the right amount of bitterness, with some unobtrusive malt to round out the flavor. Nice!
  4. Thunderhead Cropduster, mid-American IPA
    Resiny and perhaps hints of tropical. A little bit of heat from the alcohol. Solid IPA.