The F&G concludes the different beers I got during my road trip to Colorado, except for three Funkwerkses which I am I. No hurry to consume. *Acquired during said trip
  1. *Finkel & Garf Wheat Ale Brewed with Cherries and Black Currants
    Very mildly flavored, both in general and under the influence of the fruit. Some underlying breadiness, and a slight tip in the tart direction, but not as much as I might have expected given the fruits involved.
  2. *Melvin IPA
    Somewhere between grapefruit and tropical flavor. Luxurious mouthfeel. Very nice.
  3. Odell St Lupulin, extra pale ale
    Mild hop bitterness, juicy hop fruitiness in the orange/pineapple direction.
  4. Odell IPA
    Grapefruit! Delicious!
  5. *Black Tooth Hot Streak IPA
    Big, juicy flavor. A pleasing combination of grapefruit and resin, not bitter, full body. My favorite beer of the ones I brought back. Thank goodness I got a while six-pack!
  6. New Glarus Spotted Cow, Wisconsin farmhouse ale
    A really nice yellow ale. Not very saisony, but I'll buy off on farmhouse. faint tartness in aroma, light and lemony flavor, medium-light body.
  7. Summit Sága, IPA
    Grapefruit, bright, and refreshing!
  8. Alaskan Ginger Shandy
    Ginger beers are hit & miss w/me & don't get me started on shandies. But this is good! Ginger isn't overpowering & whole beer is refreshing.