A variety of beers!
  1. Odell Drumroll, American pale ale
    Grassy and grapefruity!
  2. Bauhaus Hairbanger, Belgo-style American pale ale
    Dry in flavor and mouthfeel. Gentle Belgian influence behind grassy IPA. I know, they call it PA, but it's pretty hoppy. I love this beer!
  3. Insight Banshee Cutter
    I love that it tastes nothing like it looks! Gold in color, coffee in flavor. A Trojan beer!
  4. Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale
    Boozy, sweet, woody, vanilla, toasted brown sugar. Tays-stee!
  5. Town Hall Summer Silk, oatmeal pale ale
    Nice grapefruitish PA, gentle undertones of caramel, and mouthfeel like rolled oats look. Bright and dry with lively carbonation. Not as silky as the Bell's Oatsmobile.
  6. Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye
    Hop bitter on top, smooth and caramelly underneath. Dry from the rye. Gently orangey.
  7. Founders Breakfast Stout
    This is one of those beers that I love so much and have drunk so much of that it's hard for me to come up with something new to say. The perfect balance of coffee, mocha, and stout.
  8. Odell Tree Shaker, imperial peach IPA
    Delicately real-peachy, as opposed to canned-peachy. Light-seeming for 8%ABV. Gently IPA-y.