A flight tonight!
  1. Boom Island Thoprock Belgian-style IPA (draught)
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    Not overly Belgiany. Lively carbonation and solid IPA flavor.
  2. Lift Bridge Biscotti 2014 (draught)
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    A year of aging has mellowed this a bit. The 2015 next to it is a little hotter.
  3. Lift Bridge Biscotti 2015 (draught)
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    This strikes me as being a little hotter than the 2014 next to it, which was a little more biscuity by comparison.
  4. Cow-laboration Series No. 3 Chocolate Milk Porter (draught)
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    The smell tells you what you're in for. Full chocolate milkshake flavor and light body. Tasty!
  5. Lift Bridge Hop Dish IPA (draught) Bright and grassy.
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    A nice palate refresher after those others!