BEER DIARY 71 - Mackenzie Pub customer appreciation edition @MacKenziePubMn

Mackenzie had customer appreciation night. This customer appreciates Mackenzie!
  1. Customer appreciating Mackenzie!
  2. Indeed Derailed Imperial Double Dangerous Chocolate Whiskey Queen Milk Stout
    Ooh, chocolate and whiskey barrel-aged—tasty like cake with a warm whiskey sauce drizzled over it.
  3. Lagunitas SoCo Kronik
    Smells nice and sour and funky. Flavor is the same but less intense. Aged in Pinot noir barrels. Did he say noir, or Grigio? Well, Pinot.
  4. Indeed Derailed: IPA
    Oops this is so good that it's almost gone before I'm checking in! Fragrant and citrusy, tastes fresh and juicy. In production next year.
  5. Lagunitas 12th of Never Ale
    Ooh. Tastes like Lagunitas but has a much juicier balance to the usual hops explosion. Reminds me of Squirt, but beer.
  6. AleSmith Cream Ale
    At first I thought this was like a nice dry lager/Pilsner. Then the chill came off & I get a hint of cotton candy in the aftertaste vapors.