Garden variety beer diary.
  1. Lift Bridge Octoberfest
    Nice malty caramel flavor. Good carbonation to keep it from seeming too sweet. Not my favorite style in general, but this is nice.
  2. Lagunitas Aunt Sally, sour mash ale
    tart, perhaps a little lemony but maybe not, and generally dry and deicate. Light and tasty!
  3. Toppling Goliath pseudoSue, pale ale
    Resin and grapefruit, mostly grapefruit. For as lively as it poured, it ends up not being very fizzy in my mouth.
  4. Founders Breakfast Stout
    Smells like mocha, tastes like heaven! Rich chocolate and coffee flavor. You won't feel guilty drinking this in the morning!
  5. Left Hand Milk Stout, nitro
    Smells like a milkshake. Stout character comes through more in the flavor. Milky and silky.