I grew up just off of I-75 in Ohio. Coincidence? Yes.
  1. Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse Buffalohead, smoked peat brown ale
    A pleasing amount of smoked flavor comes through in this lively brown ale. A scotch ale for all intents and purposes.
  2. New Belgium Fruit Fly Passionfruit Citra Sour Ale
    Smells a little musty and sour. Tastes tart, not quite lemony must be the passionfruit, dry, and refreshing. Light body with lively carbonation.
  3. Deschutes Black Butte, porter, on nitro
    Regular strength. Smooth on nitro. Tastes like chocolatey tree bark—in the good way! Mild fudginess and a hint of caramel with gentle bitterness at the end.
  4. Summit Sága IPA
    All grapefruit all the time! But in a really nice, balanced way. Just about my favorite local beer!
  5. Odell IPA
    Like Sága of the previous item, this is also all grapefruit all the time, but in a completely different way. Less aroma, more (though still subtle) malt balance. Just about my favorite non-local beer!
  6. Fulton The Randonneur, saison
    Firkin Friday! Aroma is slightly musty. Flavor is lemon-grapefruit. Light and refreshing! Goes equally well with lemon bars and English cheddar.
  7. Omnipollo Ankara, so-called American pale ale
    Apparently "Aniara" is Swedish for mildly hoppy hard lemonade. I'm not saying I'm not enjoying this, but it is far from an American Pale Ale. Lemony, tart, dry. Tasty, but not even close to declared style.
  8. Bent Paddle Cold Press Dark Ale
    A tasty coffee ale that won't knock your socks off. Yes, lots of delicious coffee and dark chocolate, but reasonable ABV! Maybe a hint of anise, too.
  9. Left Hand Milk Stout
    A little tangy, kind of like rootbeer, but kind of earthy, a little bitter, all smooth on nitro.
  10. Ommegang Fleur de Houblon, summer ale
    Smells a little tangier than it tastes. Tastes like a nice, light, dry saison. A little hoppy and a little lemony.