76 strong beers led the parade…
  1. Minhas Simpler Times Lager
    Sweet. Honey caramel biscuity flavor. Lively carbonation.
  2. New Glarus Spotted Cow, farmhouse ale
    Mildly hoppy, slightly lemony, slightly biscuity, dry and bright.
  3. New Glarus Moon Man, no-coast pale ale
    Mild citrus hoppiness and just a little caramelly balance poking through. I love this beer!
  4. Flying Dog Berliner Weisse
    Front of the flavor is lemony tart. Aroma & underflavor are earthy. The tart lingers in my mouth. I could drink a few of these on a hot day!
  5. AleSmith Vietnamese Coffee Speedway Stout
    Vanilla, chocolate, and coffee flavors in this rich, delicious stout. Put this next to BCBS or Darkness or any of the famous ones. Go ahead, I'll wait…
  6. Summit Horizon Red IPA
    The kind of hop flavor I could identify before I knew there were a bazillion varieties of them. Orangey underneath, nicely malt balanced.