This unintentionally is a Minnesota edition! Hurray for beer!
  1. Bent Paddle Roof Rack, Vienna lager
    Lager taste with hops! Then underneath there is some mildly citrusy mild breadiness.
  2. Surly Furious, American IPA
    Grapefruit and more grapefruit, and that Surly taste. Top notch, local or otherwise.
  3. Indeed Let It Roll, American IPA
    Citrusy hops, orange, and gentle caramel balance. I love what Indeed does with hoppy ales.
  4. Surly Coffee Bender, brown ale, "beer with coffee added"
    Coffee and chocolate flavor's in a nice light-bodied brown ale.
  5. Surly Furious Black, Cascadian dark ale
    Definitely more Cascadian than Furious. Maybe just a hint of raisin? Hoppy but mellowed than regular Furious.