A few beers that I've enjoyed recently.
  1. Surly Darkness (2016), Russian imperial stout firkin
    My journey toward enjoying this beer has taken many years. Rich, dark chocolate, a hint of cherries, a little dry in the aftertaste. It's good but, I feel, overhyped. There are plenty of other just-as-good RISes out there.
  2. 56 Brewing Honey Lavender IPA
    I taste honey at first, then some very mild floral notes, all with gentle hoppiness.
  3. Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, cayenne pepper and cucumber firkin version
    This is tasty! Spicy heat from the cayenne pepper, nicely balanced by cooling cucumber. I like it!
  4. Able Seedhouse + Brewery Blk Wlf, American stout
    If I've checked into the right beer then wow! The aroma and full flavor totally belie the dinky ABV! Chocolatey and roasty on both counts.
  5. Clown Shoes Whammy Bar, American IPA
    Fairly neutral Hop character leaning gently in the citrus direction, with a nudge of honey-ish may balance.