NYB—New Year's beers!
  1. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (2016), draught
    This draught version doesn't seem as sharp as the bottle version. Piney, just the right amount of underlying malt evening-out, and delicious!
  2. Oliphant Dg2c2mf, rye dark saison
    "Don't get too close to my fantasy." Strong hit of bubble gum on first sip. That mellows put, and then it's an interesting combo of gentle sweetness and rye dryness. Not particularly dark, as you can see. But tasty!
  3. Indeed Midnight Ryder, firkin w/orange zest, vanilla bean, marshmallow root
    Strong vanilla notes on first taste, orange is more subtle. Is the marshmallow root to prevent the hangover? I had to look it up. It apparently stimulates mucous production and eases sore and/or dry throats. You can read more about that here You can read more about its body-enhancing properties in a beer context here
  4. Dark Horse Coffpa, coffee IPA
    Through reading my comments here, you have learned how I adore coffee beers. 99 times out of 100, that means a stout or porter (I know you're not supposed to write sentences starting with a numeral). Not this one! I interpret black/green pepper in the aroma and mostly black pepper in the flavor—until I roll it around in my mouth more. Then it's really interesting how the bright bitterness of the hops plays off the bitter bitterness of the coffee. Delicious!
  5. Fulton Culture Project #1
    Smells tart & horse-blankety. Tastes tart yet a little sweet, a hint of cranberry maybe, and gently funky. Dry in the back of my throat.
  6. Bell's Winter White, "winter ale"
    Smells wheaty. Tastes wheaty, a little Belgiany, with a hint of clovey spice. One of my favorite winter beers!
  7. Goose Island Bourbon County Barleywine
    I won't lie, barleywine is not my fave style. Fortunately for me, the bourbon barrel influence in this disguises a lot of the bw flavor
  8. Equinox Midwinter Warmer (2015), barleywine
    I'm not a fan of barleywine or experienced with them. This tastes like I think bw should, but not as sweet because it's "only" 11%. Also, there's a hint of woodyness.