A bunch of beers from the last couple weeks. Tasty stuff!
  1. Distihl Wild Sour Series: plum Sour Stout
    Tart to start! Buried underneath that is a hint of plum and less of a hint of fudgy stoutness.
  2. Stone Enjoy By 02.14.17, chocolate & coffee imperial IPA
    Even warmed up a little I don't taste much chocolate or coffee. Maybe a little dark chocolate bitterness in the aftertaste.
  3. Insight Doe Eyes, cherry saison
    Draught today. Still a syrupy mouthfeel and plenty of cherry, but this time I'm getting noticeably more tartness. Which is not to say it's tart. And I still can't perceive any saison. Maybe a little in the aroma. I'm liking this draught version better.
  4. Bauhaus Sky Five IPA
    Juicy and kind of tropical. Caramel balance lurking in the middle. Not too bitter.
  5. Lake Monster Murmer, nitro milk stout
    Tastes as a nice milk stout should. Smooth, a little roasty, a little malty.
  6. Fargo Iron Horse, pale ale
    Ambiguously hoppy. A little orangey, a little stone-fruity. Gentle bitterness in the aftertaste.
  7. Empyrean Carpe Brewem Imperial Mango IPA
    Tastes like stonefruit, just not the mango kind. More like apricot or peace. An underlying musty bitterness.