The Schell's is the only one I haven't previously had at some time.
  1. Odell Drumroll, American pale ale
    Lively and refreshing. A little bit citrus, a little bit bitter.
  2. Bell's Hopslam (2017), imperial IPA
    Draught. Last year all I got was honey. This year's is back in the hoppy range and quite bitter, comparatively, but honey asserts itself in the aftertaste.
  3. Bell's Expedition Stout (2013), Russian imperial stout (draught)
    It's really boozy on first sip, but then there's very nice, rich, dark chocolate in second impression. Followed by an essence of wordiness.
  4. Surly Abrasive, double IPA
    Like many Surlys, there is definitely an abrasive quality about the taste and mouthfeel. Nice citrus and tropical flavor. But careful, it'll kick your ass!
  5. Schell's Stag Series #10 Tropical Stout
    Whew, no coconut flavor though it's called "tropical." Thick, roasty flavor with a hint of smokiness. Over time I have concluded that I am not a fan of coconut flavor in beer.