I have not previously had 70% of these beers!
  1. Able Seedhouse + Brewery Golden Ale
    Interesting. It's pretty dry and hoppy, but there's an underlying malt biscuitiness, too. Kind of reminds me of Prima Pils. Nice!
  2. Surly CynicAle, saison/farmhouse ale
    Juicy and black peppery. I haven't had this for a while. It's on cask, murky, and delicious!
  3. Ballast Point Red Velvet, "oatmeal stout"
    This beer is freaking me out! It smells just like cake. It tastes like oatmeal stout cake. And yet it is clear red colored. It is delicious!
  4. Deschutes Pacific Wonderland, pale lager
    More on the lemony-biscuity lager end than the dry, hoppy, pale end. Bright and tropical. Not like other "pale lagers" I've had.
  5. Sixpoint The Crisp, German-style Pilsner
    Just ever so slightly dry on the back end. Main flavor is a little lemony. A bright Pilsner.
  6. Ballast Point Tart Peach Kölsch
    Pucker tart in the front, peach in the back, seeet in my lips, light bubbles on the roof of my mouth.
  7. Ballast Point Sea Rose, cherry wheat
    Tart but not pucker, nice non-sweet cherry flavor.
  8. Ballast Point Bonito Blonde
    A nice blonde ale. A little sweeter than I prefer, but bright and tasty.
  9. Founders Dirty Bastard, Scottish ale
    Not as peaty or smoky as SAs can be. More in the raisin-plum direction to my palate. Rich and tasty!
  10. Funkwerks Saison
    Slight funk smell. Delicious slightly funky saison. This is not an articulate assessment :)