BEER DIARY - Camden Town Brewery edition @CamdenBrewery

I love this brewery and they've had three and a half years since I was last here to hone their beermaking skillz!
  1. IHL, India pale lager
    Look at the head on this! This is a very pale lager indeed. Dry hoppiness in the lemon and grassy directions.
  2. Ink, stout
    Yes, yes it is, and a darned tasty one! Just the right kind of malty roastedness. And only 4.4%. You'd never know it with all this flavor.
  3. Pale Ale
    Earthy, grassy hop flavor, and I think I can taste the influence of the Pilsner malt. Lively carbonation. Good!
  4. Beer 2016, whiskey barrel-aged Porter
    Smells sweet & boozy. Vanilla, cherry & dry oakiness over the Porter flavors.
  5. Camden Versus Stone & Wood, pale lager
    I believe he said S&W is an Australian brewery, and this is another in Camden's line of Versus collaborations. Unfortunately, now I have a cold so can't fully appreciate this. But even through my congestion, I'm getting a lot of pineapple, and nice underlying semi-dryness.
  6. Camden Versus Elysian
    A lager-IPA hybrid. Different things are going on in about three places in my mouth. Lager biscuity in the roof of my mouth, grapefruit on my tongue, general bitterness in the back of my mouth.