BEER DIARY - Fresh Hop Edition

'Tis the season! I keep adding 2016 to the list items, but it's fresh hops, so of course it's 2016!
  1. Deschutes Chasin' Freshies (2016), American IPA
    Mellowly grapefruity flavor. Fluffy, delicate head and lively carbonation.
  2. Indeed Fresh Hop (2016)
    Grassy, mildly butterscotchy fragrance and flavor. Tingly carbonation. Delightful!
  3. Fair State It's Gold, Jerry!, golden ale
    Gentle tangerine flavor, light biscuitiness, and tingly carbonation. Tastes like sunshine! I think my friends helped pick the hops.
  4. Castle Danger Mosaic Fresh Hop IPA
    Grassy, piney & a little bit funky at first. Then the chill comes off & it's grassy but more butter-caramel in the good way comes through.
  5. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (2016), fresh hop IPA
    In general, Celebration Ale is my favorite beer. This 2016 version, though, seems a bit sharper and pine-ier than other years. Still delicious!
  6. North Loop Foto Fresh IPA
    Mildly grapefruit pithy. Fresh and tasty. Some gentle caramel balance.
  7. Lift Bridge Harvestör IPA
    Mm. Mildly grapefruity in a different way than the Foto Fresh, dry and lively. Delicious!
  8. Castle Danger Mosaic Fresh Hop IPA
    I'm pretty this tastes even better in this Castle Danger glass! Mainly grassy flavor, I think, with perhaps some hints of pine or grapefruit rind. Good!
  9. Founders Harvest Ale (2016), wet-hopped IPA
    Bright and orangey aroma and flavor. Luxurious mouthfeel. Freshalicious!