The second half of my summer Tuesdays of picking up my CSA share and drinking good beer!
  1. The Expat, rye saison
    It was fun when it was super-fresh and and orange-clove bomb, but now that's all mellowing out and it is nice medium-intensity rye saison.
  2. War & Peace, imperial coffee stout
    Great dark chocolate and coffee flavor. Neither is overpowering, and there nice dark chocolate dryness at the back. Made with local Peace Coffee.
  3. Sweet Child of Vine, English-style IPA
    Mellow. Not as malty as an English English IPA would be, but a nice not-hop bomb for when you want an IPA but don't want to be overwhelmed.
  4. The Expat, rye saison
    As this ages, the orange is receding in favor of the cloves, though there is definitely still plenty of citrus influence. Still adore it!
  5. The Libertine, imperial red ale
    Cask version with figs. Pronounced molasses/caramel flavor with underlying woody dryness. I'm not familiar enough with regular Libertine or figs to judge this one. Cask lack of carbonation and 8.5%ABV makes it seem kind of syrupy. I'm glad I had one but one is enough!
  6. War & Peace, imperial coffee stout
    It's a little bit of nirvana every time I have a first sip of this! The perfect balance of dry dark chocolate and coffee. So good!
  7. The Expat, rye saison
    Orange is mellowing to give way to some banana. Still spicy with cloves.
  8. 72 Stretch, gose with lemon/lime zest
    It's kind of like limeade in the good, beery way! Made with lots of lime peel, and not particularly tart or salty. But very refreshing!
  9. Parallel Paradise, collaboration with Modist Brewing, "cocktail-inspired beer made with juniper, hibiscus, and orange/lemon zest"
    Hibiscus in the aroma. Juniper and gin dryness in the taste. Orange in the aftertaste vapors. Tasty for something different!