BEER DIARY - Fulton taproom edition 3 @fultonbeer

Did I ever mention their taproom is where I pick up my CSA this summer? A perfect excuse for weekly visits! This Diary has gotten long because I decided to wait to publish it until the last week of the CSA.
  1. Standard Lager
    Brand new beer from Citrus rind and orangeish over dry lager. Lively carbonation. Lots of flavor! Also, pizza week with Fulton! Vito Lucco wood-fired pizza truck.
  2. The Expat, rye saison
    Months in since its first tapping this season. Still strongly orange, but now I get notes of candied anise. Well, that makes sense to me! I still love it! Also, my beer palate is probably still influenced by the delicious pizza pictured above :)
  3. War and Peace, imperial coffee stout
    It is a breezy, sprinkly 59F/15C in mid-September—a perfect afternoon to have a winter beer! Dark chocolate fudgy coffee. Excellent! The coffee version of Worthy Adversary, made with local Peace coffee.
  4. 300, IPA, cask with Mosaic double dry hop
    A blast of grapefruit in every bite! I mean, sip! Chewy body and low carbonation. I'm a little overpowered by it. But the beertender is practically dancing in his excitement over it!
  5. Parallel Paradise, "cocktail-inspired beer made with juniper, hibiscus, and orange/lemon zest
    Smells & tastes dry-earthy. There's a little bit of dry-tartness trying to come through, though the first flavor is gentle floral sweetness. Collaboration with Modist Brewing up the street and around the corner.
  6. The Libertine, bourbon barrel-aged (2016)
    I got a proper pour in a snifter but this shows off the color better. Vanilla, sweet, and bourbony. Sweeter than I prefer, but darn it's good!
  7. 300, IPA (draught, not cask, as above)
    Full-on grassy-resiny hoppiness! // Side story: fellow bellies up to the bar and asks which of the three IPAs on offer is the hoppiest. He is given a taste of 300 and immediately declares it's too hoppy. Beertender Doug is having a trying time tonight but is maintaining his composure like a boss!
  8. MPLS Mild, dark English mild ale
    Roasty, pruny, malty. Lovely dark red-brown color.
  9. Sweet Child of Vine, English IPA
    They're calling it an English-style IPA now but it's still way more hoppy than what you'd find in the UK. But it's a gentle, "neutral" hop flavor.