BEER DIARY - Indeed variety 12-pack edition @indeedbrewing

I got the variety pack to make 4-packs to leave with my Airbnb host. But she wasn't a beer drinker. Therefore, instead, I traded these four Indeeds (and variety 4 Bauhauses) with the proprietor of the craft beer store in town for western beers. You'll be seeing *those* in upcoming Diaries.
  1. Indeed Midnight Ryder, black IPA
    Cascadian, piney aroma. Bittersweet fudgy flavor on top, gentle hop bitterness underneath. Nicely balanced.
  2. Indeed Day Tripper, American pale ale
    Day Tripper is the beer I would be happy just smelling! Bright, grassy, grapefruity. So good!
  3. Indeed Dandy Lager, pale lager
    On first taste, lemony and a little bitter underneath. But then it mellows out and is dry, hoppy, and pale with underlying lager flavor.
  4. Indeed Shenanigans, summer ale
    Kind of orange and strawberry in the flavor, with wheaty, lagery breadiness/mustiness underneath. I need a better term than musty for that.